Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good vs Bad v1

Sometimes I come up with these crazy statements, or thoughts and I know some of these could really have a better title than Randomness.....And I kinda like to save the randomness for funny things the kids say and this one's titled Good vs Bad.

Good things about not having large trees in your yard.

1. You don't have so many leaves to rake up.
2. You don’t have to pick up, helicopter things, or apples, or pears, or walnuts, or anything else that falls from them.
3. And you don’t have to listen to those cicada bugs.  Man they are annoying!  What is the point of them anyway?  Just a nuisance or do they provide anything good in this world?

Bad thing about not having trees in your yard.

1. No shade,
2. and if you are a small little boy who wishes he was a trees to climb!

My small little monkey boy...he will climb anything he can get his hands on or around.  In fact when we were camping he was trying to scale a 4 foot around tree....just by grabbing the bark and got up to where his feet were about 4 feet off the ground before falling.  He keeps looking at the trees asking when they are going to be big enough to climb on.  I keep responding with the same statement....Unfortunately not until you are a teenager and then you won't care about climbing trees anymore.

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