Sunday, September 12, 2010

Craft Time v2

We are going to be doing lots of craft during our homeschool adventures so I just decided to make this a series. :)

Welcome to the second addition of craft time!

Today we have a craft that was left over VBS craft materials.

Purchase a soft material drawstring bag from Hobby Lobby or any such craft store.

Use paint or permanent markers to design the bag how you desire.  Make sure to put some newspaper in the bag to keep your design from bleeding through to the other side.  Also put some newspaper down on the table to prevent further messes!

First on our bags, they wrote their names with a black permanent marker.  Then we chose to paint our hand and then imprint it onto the bag!  The kids thought that was fun putting their hands in the paint!

There are also things you can purchase which is a t-shirt iron on where you can design something on the computer, print it out and then iron it on to the bag.  That would be a little less hands on for young ones though.

Some of the simplest things bring the most joy!

1 comment:

Sanford Family said...

Fabric Markers from Walmart work great too! We use them to make t-shirts with Bible verses on them and we've used them for MANY projects.

I like your bags!


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