Thursday, September 30, 2010

If two's a couple, rehash

Did you read my previous post on this?

If two's a couple....

Well, now that you've read it or re-read it to refresh your memory on TJ's seriousness to this case, here's my rehash.

The other day we were in the car, and TJ....yes TJ himself was talking to Monkey about something.  Monkey asked a question, and TJ's response was, "Yes there probably are a few."  So Monkey said, "Oh, so there's only 3!"  But there were in fact more than 3!  TJ looked at me and I laughed at him!  He didn't follow through with his own rule!

It was hilarious....and really only because TJ is so serious about this matter.  I'm not kidding you.  He very much dislikes it when you use it incorrectly.  And then he did it himself.

I couldn't help but laugh at him.

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