Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kitchen Tips v8

Parchment paper, or tinfoil.

I use my pampered chef stones for everything...except, my cheesy bread.
I'm not really sure why, but once I started doing it this way, I guess I just stuck to it.

Well, when you are making cheesy bread on metal pans, it's really hard to get that crusty cheese off the metal.  And you know there's always going to be a couple pieces of cheese that falls off while you are topping the bread.

So to remedy this I started putting tinfoil on the pan first then making the cheesy bread.

That way whatever falls, lands on the tinfoil.

And then it's easy clean up!

Now you don't even have to wash the pan!

Honestly I don't really use parchment paper but I could for this same purpose on my stones.
I just never think about buying it.

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