Saturday, September 11, 2010


Isn't life and development amazing?!

We must serve a truly AMAZING GOD to be able to see all these wonders and little details of life!
Do I hear an AMEN on that from anyone?!? :)

I often find it thought worthy on the way children talk and learn to talk properly.  Yes we correct them, but before that happens, they go through this thought process on their own of how they should say a word, how they've heard it or how it would just seem appropriate in that sentence.

And often times they seem to think that you can just add an ED at the end of every word. 

Who teaches them this?  Really?! 
We don't actually teach them this.  It is just part of the amazing functions of an amazingly complex thing called the brain created by an AMAZINGLY complex and AWESOME God!!
 Do I hear another AMEN on that from anyone?!? :)

Here's some words that my children often say wrong no matter how many times I correct them the right way they just seem to think this way is better....


Hopefully you know what the real words should have been. :)

Lastly this one doesn't have the ed at the end but Bear was trying to tell me something and he said,
"I thunk, and thunk and thunk about it."

Maybe he's learning that you cant always add the ED, so now he's going a different route?  Not sure but I thought it was cute to see his little mind working hard to figure out the right way to say it.

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