Wednesday, September 22, 2010


the quality or condition of being humble; 
modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance, rank, etc.

to destroy the independence, power, or will of.
I found a few definitions for the word humble, and I think the one 
I chose today fits what I am going to talk about. 
Have you ever needed something, but been afraid to ask?  
Or maybe afraid isn't the right word?!?!

Apparently I need more humility sometimes. 
I decided I needed to dwell on this subject and figure 
out from the bible how I should do this correctly.

Our car broke a coil spring and strut which also cut the tire.  So it needed much repair.  It sat for 5 weeks before we could do anything about it. 

That means for 5 weeks, the boys and I sat at home while TJ was at work.  I am NOT a home body!  And when you homeschool, there are lots of activities that bring you out and around to observe.  How do you get there when you don't have a vehicle and they are just a little to far to walk there?  Along with groceries and the library and so on!  Well, we finally were able to get the car to the shop to fix the coil and strut and get new tires.  Brought it home and 3 days later it wont start.  Now something in the engine is not working and needs to be replaced!  Yikes!  Not about the car, but about us!  


During these weeks I have had to ask friends and family to lend a ride, pick something up at the grocery store for me, or let me borrow their car.  

And it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO hard! 


We are such independent people now a days.  
We know that we have these resources all around us and we use a lot of them, but mainly we rely on our own selves
There is, however, one resource we seem to forget about, sometimes.


God brings others into our lives to be a support, and encouragement.  
Are we letting them be used by God?
We may be brought into someone's life to be a support and encouragement.  
Are we letting God use us for this purpose?

How can someone help you when they don't know that you need help?
Matthew 7:8 -- For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; 
and to him who knocks, the door with be opened.

This may not be exactly what this verse is talking about. 
But it helps prove my point. :)
And, I don't meant that we should take people for granted, and over use them.  But how else can THEY help when they don't even know we need help?

On the flip side...How can WE be ministering to those around us, if we are not aware of their life situations?  How can we jump in and show Christ's love to those around us when we don't get to know them enough to see the needs that may arise in their life?
Just a few thoughts to ponder.

What is Christ expecting of you?  I know I'm challenged by my own situation in two ways. First, I need to humble myself, and allow others to help me out once in a while. Second, I need to get involved and be more aware of the needs of those around me.  Then, act on it!  

Lord, help me be used of you in serving others.  But, also help me see when I am in need, and help me allow others the same joy through serving.  No matter how hard it is to let the humility take place, and to destroy my own independent self, and let someone else give back.

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Gampa and Gamma said...

We've been praying that God would provide a vehicle for you all. Trust in the Lord!

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