Monday, September 20, 2010

Kitchen Tips v7

When you make something that includes eggs do you just crack them right into your cookies, cake, whatever you are making?

Or do you crack them into a bowl first?

I know that you should do it in the bowl first, but maybe for convenience, or lack of thought I used to always just crack it right into my mix of whatever kind.  Then I was with a friend at a pampered chef party and as we were watching the lady make something she cracked an egg right into the bowl, and my friend says..."You should always cracks your eggs into a bowl first incase you need to grab a shell or something out before putting it into the mix."  I thought about this and thought I've done that before, heard it before, but don't always do it.  But I also have wondered about getting a shell in your dough and once you have it in with all the other stuff it's a lot harder to get out then if you put the egg in a little bowl first.

So now, I make sure to always put my eggs in a bowl first.  There will never be a chance of a shell or anything else icky in my food because of my eggs again!

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