Saturday, September 25, 2010

Duluth pt1

TJ and I are on an overnight stay for the first time since we became parents.  We came up to Little Falls yesterday, spent the night with the kids at Grandpa & Grandma's house and then left them there this morning.  They were so excited to visit they didn't care too much.

TJ didn't have any trouble with leaving them there since he has to leave to go to work every day, however, I don't really leave them that often, besides going to eat with some ladies or something, so it was harder for me.  Mostly if I go somewhere, I know they are still at home and with Dad.  Anyway, I cried just a little on the way here.  But we are all having a good time and everything's going to be just fine!  

Here's a couple shots from today so far.  I've taken almost 300 pics already. :)  Just practicing.

First we went on a roller coaster ride down Spirit Mountain.  That was so fun!  TJ and I rode together.  If you held the handle forward you went fast, and you pulled it back to slow down.  TJ was pushing it forward and I was trying to grab it to pull it back the whole time.   It was totally fun, but I was kinda scared as we went around the corners really fast.

 There are flower gardens along the lake shore. 

 Sitting by the shore, capturing more of God's Handiwork!
Boat in the background, and the waves splashing against the rocks!  

 This is an amphitheater  set up....I'm in the left round structure picturing the right one through the opening.  Neat stuff. :)  They put a blow up screen along these poles and play movies free to the public every Friday night in the summer.  Out in the front of here there is a beautiful lawn.

 Walking along the bridge and looking through the arch design along the side to see the lake.

The lift bridge is UP!

 Now a huge Vessel is going under the bridge.  This was 730 feet long 75 feet wide, and 27 feet in the water.  It's carrying can't remember the #...but TONS of grain.  On it's way up to Canada.

 Now the bridge is back down.

 Looking at the rays from the sun on the water.

 Beautiful Fall colors on this tree!
Looks even more amazing with the brilliant blue sky in the background! 
Praise the Lord for a beautiful day for us up here in Duluth today.


Crain's Nest said...

Stephanie, I absolutely love your photographs! You are so talented! Duluth is such a beautiful city and you captured that.

Gampa and Gamma said...

So glad that the weather was nice for you up there. It rained all day down here today. Very nice pics!
Mom Wright

T said...

you are such a great mom, Steph! Even though you knew the boys were safe it was difficult for you...I just love that about you! Thanks for sharing the boys with us! We really enjoyed them! I am glad you had a chance to experience Duluth. It is one of my all time favorite places!
Love you tons!
the other Mom! aka Gramma K!

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