Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art Class

Monkey attended his first pottery making art class today.  And did a great job!  Along with the help of mom.  He got to make 2 things because time allowed for it.

Watching the teacher give the demonstration.
 Monkey rolling the clay into a ball before getting started.

 Slap it down on the bat, right in the middle!

 And then we have to move on to the finished project because it's messy.

 Andrea proving how mess it can be and this was just the beginning.  This is why I do not have the inbetween stages.  The camera would be very full of clay because I had to get down an dirty and help Monkey with the formation of the clay.

 Proof that I was there. :)

We had a good time.  I remember doing this in high school and such, but I have a new appreciation for people who make clay objects.  It's definitely much harder than it looks.


Gampa and Gamma said...

I remember doing this in high school. I really enjoyed doing it. We had a big wheel that you had to spin with your foot. It looks like you both had a good time doing this. Good job Anthony!!

Carrie said...

He is such a cutie - loved seeing the picture of you with him, too! :)

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