Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wise beyond her years.....

I was having a conversation with a friend just the other day regarding my contemplation of doing real genuine foster care.

You see the first time we knew we were going to get to keep the kids. That is totally different from real foster care. Real foster care comes and goes, and there is no structure. I have not been sure if I was willing to take that all on. I tend to like my structure and constants.

Just before this, I was talking with another foster mom who was mentioning a new foster child placement. For some reason that’s when it really struck me.....I need to be willing to do it full on. I can do it! If God is for me, who can be against me.. Right?! and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

After that small when this conversation began. I said, I think I might be ready to do real foster care. I’ve been so worried about how I would be able to handle it ends up a case where the child(ren) have to move on. You know what she said? (this will be my paraphrasing, even though you don’t really know the difference) All kids are with us for a short amount of time, I guess. No matter how they come to you, eventually they grow up and move on. What’s the difference, besides a shorter time frame?



You know who you are out there.... and I gotta tell ya... Wow.

Who knew a simple statement could be so powerful?

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7Shoes said...

This is so true. When we are given a child it is our priveledge to raise them to be exactly what God wants them to be. I know that for me in the beginning I really looked at my kids as my posessions. I don't know when this changed but I have come to understand this. God has created everyone and knows everyone who will come to be. He chooses who goes where and when they will get there. It is our job to take those little people and train them up the way God wants.

I am thinking about my friend who is looking at possibly having her foster kids go back after having them one year. One whole year of a stable loving home and being sent back not knowing what will happen. The only thing you can think is that this was God's plan and He knows what is best and you have done your part in His plan.

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