Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did you know?

1. That if you let your 3 year old put his shoes on by himself every day, he won’t ever tell you that there is a hole in them by the toe. Not even when it’s raining and his foot is soaking wet.

I was looking for sandals for Bear today, and when I took off his shoe to try them on, I noticed is sock is all wet. I said why is your sock all wet. “I don’t know” Then I look at his shoe, and both of them are so wore out by the bottom of the toe there’s holes! I said, how am I supposed to know that you have holes in your shoes if you don’t tell me. So he said, “Mom, I have holes in my shoes.” clever.

2. That it’s only a matter of time before your child will knock over a shelf at the store and you feel like a complete and total idiot.

Ok, so luckily this time, and I say this time because I'm sure it will happen again at some point in time. My children are complete clutzes! Anyway, luckily this time there was nothing on that shelf, but it still made a very loud noise in a small store. And the clerk comes over asking if everyone is ok. Oh yes, boys will be boys, even if you’ve told them not to touch anything, a million times! Darn, that sin nature.

3. That if you put bread/buns in the microwave and don’t remove the twisty tie it will start on fire?

LOL! I did not do this today, but was reminded of it today when I was thawing my hamburger buns for lunch and it was a twisty tie and not one of those plastic things. But, unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way a very long time ago!

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