Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Randomness v8


The door at the clinic is a “round and round” kind. As my kids like to say. And it is painstakingly slow. But there is a button when you first go in that says push to slow door down. Seriously?!? Why would you really need to go any slower than it is normally?!

I can’t believe there is no internet connection for me to play around while I wait for my name to be called at the clinic. How rude. haha

Bear used to say Coca-Lola, and now he decided he knows how to say it right. He says, I just said Coca-Cola right and I’m still Three! funny.

Today someone told me I had nice hands and that I should be a hand model. Really? Maybe I should look into that!

I like watching movies that are based in NYC now that I’ve been there. It’s so fun to say, “OH, I WAS THERE!” Or “I SAW THAT!” or “I TOOK A PICTURE OF THAT!”
(TJ hates it) hahaha

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