Friday, May 21, 2010

Randomness v9

Monkey has been learning bible verses and saying them and trying to remember where they are from. Well, we've also been talking alot about being grateful for what you have, and not greedy for more. So this is what Monkey said the other day.... "Be grateful for whatever you get John 12:14" Hmmmmm....doesn't quite work that way. You can't just make it up there darlin'. But it was funny.

Have you ever heard the expression 'Punch it Margaret'? That's what I grew up saying. Someone once told me they heard it another I can't think of what it was. But TJ was trying to remember what I say and instead he said, 'Book it Rhonda'. Not even close! Well, kinda on the same track, but still. How have you heard it stated?

Again we were in the car...we must be in the car alot....side track....anyway, we were in the car and Monkey was sticking his tummy out. He says Mom look how big my belly is. There's a baby in there. Oh....I can feel it kicking. Then he tries sticking it out even further and says, look it's getting bigger. haha

Mom- Here boys, have a mint.
Monkey- what are these called?
Mom- Life savers
Monkey- Oh no, this is going to cut my tongue off!
Mom- No, it's not a light saber....a LIFE SAVER
Monkey- OH!

Monkey learned how to cross his eyes last week.

So Bear was trying to do it, but instead he just looks like he's on drugs or something. hahaha

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