Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random thought by Stephanie, v6

Today my thought is on flowers. For some reason I can't keep flowers/plants alive, if they are in the house. I need the low maintenance flowers that go outside, and come up on their own, and continuously come back every year without having to do anything.(perennial)

I have received some flowers as of lately, a couple from my kids from sunday school/awana (annuals), one from MOPS today(annual), another from an anonymous person(perennial). They are beautiful, and I love them...but I don't know how to make them live beyond a couple weeks. And Yes, I water them! I just do not have a green thumb.

Anyway, all this to say since I've been receiving these flowers, I thought, how can I put this outside to make them last longer? I don't really have a good spot for them right now. All my landscaping is mulched in and is for (perennial) flowers that come back on their own so I don't have to worry about digging through the mulch. Then I was thinking I need to make a place that I can plant some (annual) flowers. Someone else once said something about putting a clay pot in the ground, that way it's always easy to get that flower out and put new flowers in. I like this idea. If I actually follow through with this, I'm going to try this out.

Ok so the REAL random thought here, is the annual vs perennial. For some reason I can not get it through my head that the annuals you have to plant every year. It seems to me that the annuals, should come up annually on their own. So I'm always confused for a moment when someone talks about flowers using those words.

Is it an annual, or a perennial?
Does it come up again next year, or do I have to plant another one?

The first question should answer that just fine, but not for me. I have to ask that second question also to make sure I'm understanding right.



Randi said...

It might be easier to think of the plants in terms of whether you need to plant them or not, instead of whether they come back or not...that's what I think! So annuals do not come back annually, therefore you need to plant them annually. And perennials do come back (for at least 3 years I guess, depending on the plant, some forever!) so you don't need to plant them annually. I agree, it's confusing!

Gampa and Gamma said...

I agree it is confusing to me too but I'm not big into flowers/plants. About 3 years ago I bought a perennial plant (right now I can't remember the name of it) from the Farmers Market and to my amazement it is still thriving. I haven't planted my Day Lilies yet but am hoping they do as well too. I can't wait till they start to bloom.

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