Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seriously?!? v1

I have these moments sometimes when all you can really do, is look at them, it, whatever it is, and say SERIOUSLY?!?! So I'm also going to add this one to the mix every once in awhile. Here goes.....

My boys were playing in the sprinkler.  Bear was taking a small pail putting water in it and them dumping it on my feet. Right after he did it he picks up my flip-flop, which was on my foot at the time. And says, Why is your shoe wet? ----Seriously?!?

TJ and I were walking through the mall and there are certain stores who I will not name.....that have a certain look and smell. Now I understand the standing out/making yourself different thing....but I think it's a little overdone when you almost pass out just from walking by the store because of the smell/stench that is wafting out. Whether you like it or's pretty overwhelming. How can you handle shopping in there for very long? ----Seriously?!?

So you're driving down the road and there's a bicycler on the road, when 3 feet over there is a sidewalk! ---Seriously?!?

I'm in the bathroom at the mall and there's a lady in the stall next to me with her little daughter. She's over and over again telling her to just sit down and try to go wee-wee. ----Seriously?!? Who calls it wee-wee?! (I'm going to guess she doesn't tell her daughter to say WEEEEEE when she goes down the slide or on a ride.) hahaha

I went in to DSW for the first time ever, to look for shoes for myself. TJ was with me. When we walked out TJ had some shoes in his hand, but I did not. All they sell is 'millions' and 'millions' of shoes. How could I not find what I was looking for. ----Seriously?!?

Now normally my children either say something totally hilarious, like where is my shoe and I think, Seriously?! since it's right in front of them. These are the funniest seriously's. I'll try to start keeping better track of those super funny ones so I can share more funny moments from the kids in the next episode of......Seriously?!?

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