Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The hand Spider

Sometimes, when TJ is playing with the kids, he uses he fingers to walk across the table, but keeps the one finger sticking up.

After a long time of seeing this and wondering what he is doing, I finally asked...why do you keep the one finger up? I didn’t get it. He said, that’s the head of the spider. The other fingers are the legs as it walks across the table. I thought that was hilarious. I’ve never heard or seen such a thing before in my life.

The funniest part is that a few months ago, we were at someone else's house and she did the same thing with her hand to her son. I just started laughing because I had never seen anyone else do that before. It’s just weird how you can go this long in life not seeing hearing little things like that, and then someone else does it too!

Then a couple weeks ago, another gentleman was talking to the boys in church, and he says, hey boys, I brought my dog with me today. Then he puts his hand in the same position, and "walks his dog over to the boys". Too funny.

Spider or’s all funny to me. :)


Melissa said...

Ha ha! That's hilarous! Who Knew? I never even thought about that. :)

Gampa and Gamma said...

Bob said he did the same thing with the kids when they were little. I didn't remember that but he probably did.

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