Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In my post “Buying in Bulk”, I mentioned I buy 80 lbs of hamburger. Well, I thought I would give a helpful hint/tip about hamburger preparation. Not as in how to prepare it....but as in how to be prepared for your next meal and cut down on the cooking time. I take my hamburger and fry up 20 pounds at a time or so. Once I fry it up, I let it cool and then measure it out into a little less than a pound per bag.

I do a little less than a pound because the meat comes in 10lbs including the fat, and then when you fry it and drain the fat it’s really more like 8.5 or 9 pounds total. After it’s bagged I put it in the freezer until I’m ready to cook a meal that has hamburger in it. This comes in really handy when supper time comes. It is so easy to just pop the cooked hamburger in the microwave to thaw it a little, and if it’s going in a casserole that is getting cooked in the oven, then that is all you need to do. If I’m using it for tacos then I put it in a pan for a couple minutes or so to crisp it up a little. It is so nice to have one step already done before you get ready to cook supper.

I hope this can make supper time a little easier for you. Granted you have to spend the afternoon cooking 20 pounds of hamburger, but it beats spending supper time for 20 days cooking 1 lb of hamburger at a time. :) And especially since I’m used to this method. It makes supper time much faster. It really is a drag when I have to fry up the hamburger at the same time as preparing the meal.

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Aaron and/or Mindy said...

Yeah, I like to cook it ahead and freeze it too. The only bummer is when I realize I really want to grill hamburgers, but I've cooked all the meat and don't have any left for patties. :(

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