Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beans, Beans, the magical fruit

Well, we are not eating these beans, so we won’t have the aftermath that comes with that little rhyme!

I bought 4 different packages of beans. They are only $1 per bag, and the kids super LOVE playing with them. I need to get a bigger bin for them to play in so they stay more contained.

I can’t believe how long the kids will play with these. What a cheap toy!  Bear will sit there for over an hour playing with the beans. We have the little kids tupperware and they like to put them in the bowls and cups and plates and pretend it’s food.

Good times for them, and good deal for me. Because they only cost $1-$2 per bag. I can afford that!

1 comment:

Brad, Kim, Jasmine, Zakary, and Nickolas said...

Here's what else is cool with those - if you put the kidney beans in a plastic baggie with a wet paper towel and seal it shut, then put it in a sunny window, they can see the bean grow in just a couple days. it's pretty fun.

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