Monday, April 19, 2010

Groceries and Lunch

It almost seems as though I'm starting to promote certain things...but I am not, really. Atleast they are not paying me too! :) This is just a preface.

Today we went to the grocery store. And awww nuts, I just remembered I forgot something. Ok, anyway...We've been shopping at Cash Wise, Hy-Vee and Target in town more frequently than the other place whom shall remain nameless. Even though you all know who I'm talking about. :) I love it! We go in look for the deals, and buy extras of whatever is on sale. I also love it because the people who work there are so much more friendly.

Today for instance, I was greeted by quite a few Cash Wise workers, some I know and some I don't know. But even the ones I don't know were still a genuine, How are you, or Hi there! Not a, "oh, I guess I should recognize that I just saw you" kind of a greeting. It was such a great small town feeling. Made me feel right at home. Not like that other place, who is still remaining nameless. :)

I also love the clean feeling of shopping at these places, and the kids love riding in the specialty car carts too.

On another note....while I was there I decided to pick up some deli meat and real sliced cheese. Today for lunch we had grilled Turkey and cheese with Ranch. I tried this out a few months back and decided it was delicious! Wheat bread, colby jack cheese slices, deli turkey breast, ranch dressing.... make a sandwich and crisp it up on the grill to melt the cheese. Yummmm!

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