Monday, April 26, 2010


Funny how we can have habits that we don’t really think about.

For instance, when I drink a open a can of pop I turn the tab to the right. I don’t even really notice that I do this anymore.

It all started at my mom’s house. When we are ALL home...there are alot of us, and we are all usually drinking a can of pop, and then we forget which one is our can....well, long ago, I came up with this idea of twisting my tab so I and everyone else will always know which can is mine.

Now, when I open a can, it is automatic. Every once in awhile, after watching me open a can of pop, someone will ask me why I do that. I say, do what? Because I’m not thinking about it when I do it so I’m never sure what they are referencing. Funny....

There are other things that are coming up too that I realize I don’t know I do...but must do on a regular basis because my kids are mimicking me. :)

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