Monday, April 5, 2010

"Free" Sand

Today my sisters kids came over while she is at work because they don't have school. We've been playing outside most of the morning. Rode bikes, played basketball in the backyard. Then we come up to the front yard, and yet again I look at the filthy street. There is so much sand all along the edge of the street from all the snow that we've had.

So jokingly I said, we could almost sweep up this sand, and make our own sand box. So all the kids say, Yeah! We should do that. So we spent the next hour sweeping the road, and putting the sand in a tote. They thought it was fun, so it kept them occupied.

And now we're going to have a sandbox. With "free" sand. But if you want to be technical, it's not really free because we live here and pay taxes here and those taxes go towards the street maintenance in the winter which also pays for the sand! :) haha

Frugal Stephanie. :)

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Aaron and/or Mindy said...

FYI - The "sandbox" sand that they sell at stores is pretty expensive and you have to buy a few bags to make up enough to play in. Our girls have a green plastic turtle sandbox and we get new sand for them every year. We just buy the 70 lb. sand tubes that you're supposed to put in the back of your car for extra weight and traction in the winter. Super cheap, sometimes even on sale this time of year, the perfect consistency to play in, and it only takes two of them to fill up the turtle.

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