Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kids talking technology

I suppose they think they know what they are talking about just because these are words that mom and dad use alot, but they don’t quite get it right. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

Bear found some envelopes and said, Dad- here’s an email for you.

Monkey brought some stuff up and he’s carrying this tray with play plates and cups on it, and says, I have some cookies for sale, come on over to my website to buy some.

Bear walks up to me while I have my phone open and asks if I’m done texting yet.

Bear was in his room and asked me if I wanted to lay on the bed with him. So I went in there, but before I did he saw me grab my Ipod. So when I walked in he said, you can sit here while you’re Ipodding. And the next day he looked up at me and said what are you doing, and then right away said, oh, you’re Ipodding again. Love it when they take a noun and make it a verb by adding “ing”.

This one is the best....For Easter we were at my moms and we’re sitting around the table. My niece says something and Bear responds to which everyone laughs at him. Then he looks over at me and says, Mom you should put that on the blog!


I love my kids. They make me smile every day.

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