Monday, January 17, 2011

Letter A

Letter A File Folder!

Here are some letter A games and activities.  A super shout out to some awesome blogging buddies I've found online.  I am so glad they are out there so I can download and use all their awesome printable materials!

Letter A- Bible verse.
All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  Romans 3:23
Download them all here.  I posted it inside the file folder.

Apple Tree Number match.  Match the number to the tree with that many apples on it!  I got the info for this file from here.  However, I took her file and made it smaller so all the trees and numbers would fit on one page.  If you would like that file instead, download it here.

Match the big and little Aa on the ant!  Download Here.
I cut the whole ant out to fit more on a page when laminating.
(She cut them out as a rectangle only getting 3 per page.)
Capital and Small Letter Matching. Download Here.
Again, her file is bigger, I put 2 of her files together to fit them on one page and save on ink and lamination.  If you want my little bit smaller file. Click Here.
Letter A Puzzle.  Download it here. (I used the A-Z large floor mats as puzzles)

Apple Size Sequence.  Download Here. Or also in my resized file.  I wrote the letter A on them before laminating them.

Practice Tracing.  Download Here.  This is also resized in my file.
Fill in the letter A.  Download the whole alphabet as A-Z Collage Sheets. or a-z Collage Sheets, Here.
Her file gives you hints on what to use to fill in the letter.  For the A, I actually cut up an apple and cooked it to dry it out a little bit.  And then we glued those on to the sheet.
And as a frugal note....I used her file and printed it out as 2 up on a page so it saved paper.  So they are half the size as her original file.

Letter A practice writing.  Download here.  I put them in a sheet protector so we could use dry erase on them and do the same one every day of the week.

Read Chicka-Chicka BOOM BOOM and then put the letter A on the coconut tree!
Both boys love this book, and love that we read it every day!  I painted my coconut tree on a roll of paper.  It's only about 3 1/2 feet tall.  I don't quite have room for a bigger one.  We are using the same letters as the a-z collage sheets downloaded here.  But since my tree is smaller I needed smaller letters so this time I printed this 4 up on a page.  We colored the letter A and I cut it out, the he put it where he wanted it on the tree.  I can't wait to see this tree all full of the alphabet!

Some other things I've added to our weekly routine.

You're right....I didn't take a new picture. :)
Alphabet Sorting.  Download the printable file here.
Capital letter file.  Lowercase letter file.
Have fun aiming for the letter A!

I made this file myself because I wanted all the letters in one file.
Download my A-Z poke it letter file here.  
Take a thumb tack and poke the letter A.    
Make sure to do this while on the carpeted floor. :)
I made my own circle the letter files.
Download my A-Z Circle the letter file.
You can print them full page or 2 up.  
I have the whole alphabet in a binder in sheet protectors so we can do them again and again.
 Fill a quart size baggie with a bottle of glue.  Get all the air bubbles out and now you can use your finger to draw the letter A in the glue baggie. :)

So glad for other Christian Homeschool moms willing to share their paperwork and information on what they do with homeschooling.  We enjoyed letter A week!

Since there have been some changes....I've updated the new links above which gives new downloads!


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