Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Answer this multiple choice statement.

2010 for me...

A)  went really fast.
B)  felt like a normal year.
C)  seemed like more than a year.

    There are a couples ways to look at each answer. For instance, if you said (A. went really fast), you are probably astonished at the thought of 2011.  Since they say times flies when you’re having fun, you must have had a fun year.  However, you also could have chosen A. because you didn’t quite get everything accomplished you wanted to this year, and it seemed as though you had more time, yet that time simply ran out.  So WOW that was fast!  I can’t believe it’s 2011!
Are you an A?

        Now if you said (B. felt like a normal year), odds are you are the personality that can go with the flow.   It could also be because you didn’t go through any major ups and downs throughout the year.  You  seemingly accomplished all the normal tasks that would regularly happen within a years timeline.  And quite possibly all within the right time frame.
Are you a B?  This was TJ's answer.

    If you said (C. seemed like more than a year), it’s quite possible that you may have done too much!  You just may have squeezed in so many activities it doesn’t seem possible to say that you accomplished all those things in one year.  Or maybe you were just so excited or overjoyed about each and every activity that you participated in, that it gave you more fulfillment from  each event than it would normally.   Thirdly in this category it could have felt much longer because you were waiting and waiting for something to happen, and either it took longer than expected or it hasn’t even happened yet leaving you disappointed and feeling like the year took forever!

Are you a C?  I answered this and my thinking is I was so excited to do all these little activities with the boys it seems like we did so much and last January seems like forever ago! ;)

What's your answer?

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