Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lapbook-Alphabet Project

This is kinda like a lapbook but also kinda like a learning/matching game.  I made this before I even knew what lapbooks were.

Here's the idea.  I picked a few letters to put side by side, that either look similar or have somewhat similar sounds.  There are 3 tags for each letter and 1 envelope for each letter. The child has to sort the tags and put them in the corresponding envelope.  First they are recognizing the differences, sorting, and hopefully with parental help saying the letter as they put each one in the envelope.  Great tool for seeing the difference and remember what letter they are, and once they have that accomplished sort again and say what sounds they say.
Download the printable letter cards here.  Print, cut, and start sorting your letters!

I sorted the letters in these categories-

d p b q g
y e o a c
h n m r w u
i j v l f
k z s t x

1 comment:

Gampa and Gamma said...

You have so many good idea's Stephanie. You are doing a really good job. Thanks for letting us know what you are doing.
Love you,
Dad Wright

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