Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have wanted a laminator for quite some time.  Well in December they were having a sale on one that a few other Homeschool Bloggers I follow happen to use.  It was too good of a deal that I couldn't pass it up!

So here's the little laminator that I got.  It's great!  I've used it a bunch already and can't wait to use it more.

I got it on Amazon.  It is still a pretty good price on their, but check back every once in a while to see if it's on sale for an even better deal!  You never know.

Here's also a few tips I have and have heard from others.

1.  I, personally, try to cut my things down as small as I can to fit the most in one laminating sheet.  Then cut them out again.  If there's something that would work just fine printed smaller, the better off you are on fitting more things in one laminating sheet and getting the most for your money.

2.   You can double up and put 2 sheets together.  Making sure they are lined up perfectly.  Then when you laminate it you can cut off the edges and both sheets with have only the front laminated.  This obviously only works the best when your sheet is a one sided sheet and it doesn't matter if the back if laminated.

3.   OfficeMax has a free or discounted lamination special around July/August for back to School specials.  They have started to limit the amount that they will laminate, but any little bit to laminate for free is helpful!  Right?!? :)

What's your money saving tip with laminating, or anything else for that matter!

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Aaron and/or Mindy said...

I have laminated a few things for my girls using clear packing tape. Just put some on the front and the back and cut out. Obviously this only works with smaller items, but it worked REALLY great with leaves this past fall. The girls had a fun time finding all sorts of different shapes and colors to "laminate".

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