Sunday, January 23, 2011

Letter B

Here's some of our letter B activities for the week!

Bible Verse.....
Acts 16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved.

A-Z Collage Sheets.  Download here.  And I did both the capital and lowercase file.  Plus printed the whole alphabet 2 up on a page to conserve. 
We glued on beans for the letter B!

A-Z Handwriting worksheets.  My boy loves doing these.  I put them in a sheet protector so he can use the same sheet every day of the week!

This is something my kids got for Christmas and it's a wonderful tool during school time! (Dry Erase Activity Center)  There are different sheets that come with it, and you can put whatever sheet you want in there.  Kinda like a sheet protector.  I had him draw his own butterfly and then practice writing B's down below.  He did great!
We also printed the Bb is for Butterfly coloring page, which you can see above his writing board in this picture.

Read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and then after a couple days put the letter b on the coconut tree.  I have a smaller tree so I used the A-Z lowercase collage file and printed it 4 up on a page to get the letter smaller.  Download that file here.

You could do this a couple ways.  Click here to download the Butterfly clip file.   I chose to write the number on the clothes pin and then you match it to the number on the butterfly.

 Capital B and lowercase b sorting game.  Download here.
Again, all these files are full page files and to save on ink, paper and lamination I've been printing almost everything 2 up on a page.  And the sizes are still very workable for the kids.

Butterfly size sort.  Download here.  This I printed to scale.  First sheet on cardstock.  2nd sheet on plain paper and laminated it.

Letter hunt worksheets.  I put this in a sheet protector so he could do this over again throughout the week.

I'm using these large floor mat file as a puzzle.  That way I can cut it however I want.  So I'm cutting them in atleast 8 pieces.  I might do some others with more.  But I like 8 better than 6 pieces.
Print, laminate for durability to be used over and over again, then cut into however many pieces you want.

How many butterflies.  I also printed this 2 up....having the first sheet be on cardstock only, and then print page 2 and 3 on the same sheet of plain paper and laminate and cut out.  Still decent sizes for sorting.

Bb is for butterfly coloring page.  I printed this out again on cardstock and just for fun let the boys have a painting project.
Some other things I've added to our weekly routine.
Alphabet Sorting.  Download the printable file here.
Capital letter file.  Lowercase letter file.
Have fun aiming for the letter B!
I made this file myself because I wanted all the letters in one file.
Download my A-Z poke it letter file here.  
Take a thumb tack and poke the letter B.    
Make sure to do this while on the carpeted floor. :)
I made my own circle the letter files.
Download my A-Z Circle the letter file.
You can print them full page or 2 up.  
I have the whole alphabet in a binder in sheet protectors so we can do them again and again.
 Fill a quart size baggie with a bottle of glue.  Get all the air bubbles out and now you can use your finger to draw the letter B in the glue baggie. :)

There are many more things in her link that you could do along with the letter Bb...I'm out of ink so I didn't print quite all of them this time.  We still had fun with what we did work on!

Have fun with the letter B!


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