Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Animal Groups-Lapbook

In our study of animals a couple things we covered were, what is a mammal and amphibian.  So we expanded that and talked about 6 animal groups.  Then we made it into a simple little lapbook.

I let the kids pick which animals they wanted to find online, then I searched for a coloring picture of that animal and printed them out.  While googling I found this great website that gave us all our information in one place.  So we made mini books where I wrote down the things that makes something a mammal, or an amphibian or fish, etc.... and examples of animals in that category.

Here's the finished project.

 Reptiles & Amphibians

 Fish & Mammals
(showing the trifolded mini book where we wrote down the characteristics of this group, and then on the right I wrote examples of this group)

 Birds & Insects

Have fun picking your own animals to print and color!
This is one file folder, folded in thirds with 2 more flaps opening on the inside.

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