Saturday, January 1, 2011

Randomness v25

A guy on the news....
"I can sum it up in one word. PURE CHAOS."

(I think that's more than 1 word.) lol

Monkey- When I'm 29 will I be 69?
Me- Uh, that makes absolutely no sense.

Bear- I'm cold
Me- Get a blanket.
Bear- I don't want to have to fold it and put it back!
Me- So you'd rather just be cold?
Bear- Yeah
Me- Well that's laziness if I've ever heard it.

Monkey- Can you wipe me?
Me- Are you serious?
Monkey- Yeah
Me- You're 6 1/2!  I'm not going to wipe you.
Monkey- But you haven't wiped me in over a year!
Me- hahaha...this is true and I'm still not going to do it.

Monkey- It's not magic when you go, but it's magic when you leave
TJ- What are you talking about?
Monkey- I just made that in
TJ- You made it in?
Monkey- I just made that out
TJ- You made it out?
Monkey- Yeah, I made it out
TJ- You mean, you made it up.
Monkey- hahaha...yeah, I made it up.

1 comment:

Earle Family said...

I know exactly what he means!! I have a blanket that I LOVE to snuggle under, but I have to fold it a certain way when I'm done (Since it's also a "decoration" too). So I just use the other one that we keep behind the couch. That way I can just toss it back there when I'm done. :-)

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