Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paint Chip Phonics

I got this great idea from a homeschool friend's blog.

Can she be called a friend when I've never met her?  Sure!
Thanks Erica

First off you have to go to a store that sells paint to get some paint chip cards.  I, knowing that someone else has also done this, thought it wouldn't be that bad.  But, once I was in the store grabbing 40 cards or so, I felt strange.  But they are free after all, so no worries! :)
I did make a slight change on how many you need because I scored them and glued them together in half.  This way I could use only half the amount she stated.
Here's the pictures of my cards.

 These are the cards I folded in half, so when you flip them over I could use the other side.  There is an odd number so first one when flipped over is blank on the other side.
 You will need 13 of the ones with the prepunched square. and 10 of the non 
punched square, if you fold them in half, 20 otherwise. 
(It's always good to get a couple extra in case you make a mistake while writing!)

I thought I had to get the valspar paint cards because they already have a square cut out of them, but that square is not big enough to write your letters in so I still had to cut the square bigger using my 1 1/4" square punch.  Not hard though. :)  I would still recommend using this style of card with the square as shown on the left.  It is a bigger card and gives more room for the square punch.
I think spacing wise it works better to get the cards that have 3 colors per card.  You can use just the regular valspar ones without the prepunched square for all the other letters.

Get all different colors.  I also got 6 shades of brown, pink, green, orange, purple, yellow and blue to use in a color shading chart also from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Here's my color chart.
I printed the chart from Erica's blog and then laminated it.  Then I used my 1 1/4" square punch to make this shading chart.  They have had a good time with this already, and they have to really look hard to tell the difference between the lightest shades so that's an extra detail to help sharpen their mind! :)

These word families go on the cards with the square cut out on them:
  • ag
  • ab
  • ail
  • ain
  • ack
  • ake
  • am
  • an
  • ank
  • ap
  • all
  • at
  • ay
  • eed
  • ell
  • est
  • ew
  • ick
  • ig
  • in 
  • ight
  • ill
  • ine
  • ing
  • ink
  • ip
  • ob
  • op
  • ock
  • ore
  • ot
  • out
  • ow
  • uck
  • um
  • unk
  • y
The following consonants, blends, and diagraphs are all written on the cards folded in half.

  • b
  • c
  • d
  • f
  • g
  • h
  • j
  • k
  • l
  • m
  • n
  • p
  • q
  • r
  • s
  • t
  • v
  • w
  • x
  • y
  • z
  • bl
  • cl
  • fl
  • gl
  • pl
  • sl
  • br
  • cr
  • dr
  • fr
  • gr
  • pr
  • tr
  • kn
  • sc
  • sk
  • sp
  • st
  • sm
  • sn
  • sw
  • spl
  • spr
  • str
  • squ
  • ch
  • wh
  • th
  • sh
  • ph
  • thr
  • shr
How many words can you make? (there are over 500+ words in this set)
  • ab cab, lab, blab, crab, flab, grab, scab, slab, stab
  • ack back, pack, quack, rack, black, crack, shack, snack, stack, track
  • ag bag, rag, tag, brag, flag
  • ail fail, mail, jail, nail, pail, rail, sail, tail, snail, trail
  • ain main, pain, rain, brain, chain, drain, grain, plain, Spain, sprain, stain, train
  • ake bake, cake, fake, lake, make, quake, rake, take, wake, brake, flake, shake, snake
  • all ball, call, fall, hall, mall, tall, wall, stall, small
  • am ham, Sam, clam, slam, swam
  • an can, fan, man, pan, ran, tan, van, bran, plan, than
  • ank bank, sank, yank, blank, crank, drank, thank
  • ap cap, lap, map, nap, rap, tap, clap, flap, scrap, slap, snap, strap, trap, wrap
  • at bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, rat, sat, brat, chat, flat, spat, that
  • ay day, may, pay, say, clay, play, pray, spray, stay, tray
  • eed feed, need, seed, weed, bleed, freed, greed, speed
  • ell bell, fell, sell, tell, well, yell, shell, smell, spell, swell
  • est best, guest, nest, pest, rest, test, vest, west, chest, crest
  • ew dew, few, knew, new, blew, chew
  • ick kick, lick, pick, quick, sick, brick, chick, click, stick, thick, trick
  • ig big, dig, fig, pig, rig, wig, zig, swig
  • ight knight, light, might, night, right, sight, tight, bright, flight, fright, slight
  • ill fill, hill, pill, will, chill, drill, grill, skill, spill, thrill
  • in bin, fin, pin, sin, win, chin, grin, shin, skin, spin, thin, twin
  • ine fine, line, mine, nine, pine, vine, wine, shine, spine, whine
  • ing king, ring, sing, wing, bring, cling, spring, sting, string, swing, thing
  • ink link, pink, sink, wink, blink, drink, shrink, stink, think
  • ip dip, hip, lip, rip, sip, tip, chip, clip, drip, flip, grip, ship, skip, strip, trip, whip
  • ob knob, mob, rob, blob, slob, snob
  • ock knock, lock, dock, rock, sock, block, clock, frock, shock, stock
  • op cop, hop, mop, pop, top, chop, crop, drop, flop, plop, shop, stop
  • ore bore, more, sore, tore, wore, chore, score, shore, snore, store
  • ot got, dot, hot, knot, lot, not, plot, shot, spot
  • out grout, scout, shout, spout, sprout
  • ow cow, how, now, brow, chow, plow
  • uck buck, duck, luck, cluck, stuck, truck
  • um gum, hum, drum, plum, slum
  • unk junk, chunk, drunk, shrunk, stunk, trunk
  • y by, my, cry, dry, fly, fry, shy, sky, spy, try, why
(Blends, digraphs, word families taken from The Snails Trail and word list taken from Literacy Connections)


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