Monday, January 31, 2011

Animal Crafts, Etc....

This past week we were talking about animals.
So we did some simple animal crafts and activities.

draw the shape, fill in with cotton balls, cut out small black eyes and glue on! :)

We played Animal Charades....what animal am I acting as?

We made an Animal group lapbook, describing the different groupings of animals and which ones belong in that group.  Click on the link to see more about this lapbook.

We visited the Reptile and Amphibian Zoo!
Click the link to  hear more about this trip. 

We did some animal puzzles.
We got this animal puzzle as a present and it was a wonderful addition to our animal unit.  We got to talk about the animals along with the alphabet, talked about what animal group they belong too, etc.
 The puzzle comes with this awesome poster that gives a little bio on each animal.

Bear also worked on our simpler animal puzzle.

We played with our toy animals, again sorting them by what animal group they are a part of and what qualifies them to be a part of that group.

We made animals with our fingerprints!

We of course read LOTS of books from the library about LOTS of different animals!

We drew pictures of animals.

We looked at pictures of the other zoo's we've been too this past year, and talked about those animals.

What other animal ideas do you have?

Share with me.


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Anonymous said...

When we studied the animal groups we used butcher paper to make a sheet for each animal group. Then, we cut out pictures from magazines or clip art and glued them into the correct category. This involved a lot of review of what the characteristics of each group are.


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