Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letter C

Letter C File Folder!

Letter C Memory Verse:
Children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right.  Ephesians 6:1

The Letter C!  Don't forget to print these out 2 up on a page to save! :)  Download here.
We put crispix and cheerios on our letter C!

Read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and put up the letter C!  Same file as above but I printed them 4 up since I made a smaller coconut tree. :)

This is something I made awhile ago.  I sorted some letters according to some similar sounds, or shapes.  So I had him sort the letters that go along with the letter C in this file.

Download file here.

 Letter C coloring page.  Download here.

 Letter C Puzzle.  I printed the A-Z Floor Letters so I could cut the puzzle into 8 pieces instead of 6.
Laminate them so it will stay sturdy no matter how many times you put it together!

Clip on the clothes pin that has the same number as the caterpillar on it.

I had to draw a line under the 6....otherwise it's the same as the 9.

Letter C scavenger Hunt!  We had a great time with this.  We ended up finding, a cup, chips, cardboard, can, candy cane, circle, crayon and a car.  He did a great job!

Letter C Lacing Caterpillar. 
Print on plain paper and laminate for durability.

Letter matching disks.
I just printed them out and laminated the circles, compared to the idea given in the link provided above.  Still sturdy enough to last.  Maybe someday I'll get some of the wooden circles that she did to make them stand off the page.  But these worked just fine and bear still had a great time. 

Print and put in a sheet protector so you can write on it with a dry erase marker all week long.

Letter Hunt!  Again use a sheet protector.

Letter C Magnet page. I made my own pompom magnets for this.  And I had to buy a new pan because believe it or not, not all pans are magnetic! :)  and none of mine were so I got one at target for $5.

Have fun with the letter c!


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Christine Poole said...

The letter hunts remind me a lot of something the kids and I used to do while we did school time at home during their preschool years. We used to set up a "M" or "T" museum (or whatever letter we were working on) We would tape that letter to all kinds of things and display them on the piano bench or the couch. Daddy would be the 'customer' when he got home from work. The kids loved walking him through the museum and pointing out the objects. I remember one day a little boy I watched taped the T to himself and sat down in the museum. (His name started with T : ) It was so cute. Sometimes the kids even made Daddy tickets, I think.

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