Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas #2

Christmas on my side was a my mom's house this year.

The grandkids stockings.
 My mom's tree and our gifts.  We really scaled down on present size this year.

 The grandkids.  Of course half of them are being weird.

Mrs. Clause came to visit. :)
 Our gift from "Santa".  My mom usually makes us a snowman craft each year, but this year she changed it up.  She uses a cement mixture and formed it around a rhubarb leaf, then painted and sprayed it.  It's pretty cool. :)

 Bear got a Mr. Potato head from Grandma.  He loves it of course because it says Toy Story 3 on it!

Monkey got these lego's from Grandma.  They are good for his motor skills.  He's still has a hard time with the smaller pieces.
 The adult's draw names so this was my gift from Tim.  Yay for more scrapbooking supplies!

 TJ's gift from Jamie.

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