Saturday, August 14, 2010

Randomness v16

Driving home from  my mom’s we went past a meat packing plant where they slaughter the cows.
side note.... My dad used to work there, so I know the stinky smell, all to much.
  So while we are driving by we get a whiff.....I say, oh PEW! 
Monkey says, Yummy, that smells like strawberries. 
Me- No it doesn’t it smells like poop. 
Monkey- Do you like the smell Bear? 
Bear- NO!  That’s why I’m plugging my nose!

I usually snap my fingers to get my kids attention.  It’s a softer way to get their attention other than yelling at them.  I was snapping my fingers to the beat of a song and Bear turns to look at me.  After I snapped a few times he’s still looking at me, and says...”What Mommy?”

Random kid at family camp's comment...One of the guys made a dragon.  It was awesome.  I guess grown ups are gooder than kids sometimes.

When we were at the lake there was foam along the shore.  Bear said, "Who put the soap in the water?"

Vear on the boat....”Are you going to go on the winner tube?”

We should whip a tornado into the water where they don’t live so they don’t die.-Bear
Monkey- You can’t whip tornados Bear.

(We had no idea what he was talking about, but even though it didn't make sense, Monkey was willing to correct him) funny.

Not every year we’re gonna do it cuz if we run out of money and get poor that’s bad.- Monkey

When we drive by a cemetary the boys used to look up and say, "Oh, that's where you go to die."  So I was trying to correct them and say that you are already dead, so they bring you there to bury you.  So now when we go by Monkey says, "Oh, that's where you go to get married."
Married, buried......same difference. hahaha

I was talking with the kids about littering, and how you need to make sure you are throwing things in the garbage, and even helping out to pick up if someone else does litter.  So we were in the store and Monkey had something in his hand he dropped it and said, "Mom, I need to go back and pick that up!  I don't want to murder!"

Not really sure how you confuse litter and murder, but must sound the same to him.  So I said make sure you don't say it wrong because murder means you are killing someone.  "Oh", he said.

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