Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Newspaper Clay

Today for our Art Class at school we did Paper Mache....but there are many forms of paper mache, and this time we decided to do a non-standard paper mache.  It's actually a little more like working with clay, except it's newspaper.....so Monkey decided a good name for it was Newspaper Clay. :)
Not a bad idea.

First we took the newspaper and ripped it into chunks....at this point, I was still thinking we were going to do regular paper mache, so we really could have mad the chunks smaller.  But it still worked.  We soaked it in water overnight.

Then today, I ripped it all apart to an "oatmeal" consistency.  And made some glue....with 1 cup of flour not quite 2 cups of warm water.  I kept adding flour until it was a nice and thick, "Glue" type consistency.
 Just an FYI....if you can tell from the picture of my hand it turns your fingers black while you are ripping the newspaper apart.   This was after washing my hands a couple times already....still kinda dirty looking.  It's gone now, but you definitely get dirty!

Next step is to get down and dirty some more.  Pick up some newspaper clay, squeeze out the excess water, add some glue and stick it together to make whatever you want to make. 

Bear made a mountain.  He did a pretty good job!

Monkey made the Statue of Liberty.  Can't you see it?!  It's even holding the torch.  Not sure why but as soon as we talked about making something this was the first thing he said he wanted to make.  But he says...."Obviously not as large as the real one, cuz that would take forever!"  hahaha

After playing for a little while Monkey says, can you wash my hands off?
me-Why are you done?
Monkey- No, but they are so sticky, it's annoying.  I can't handle the mess.

The end result....Can you guess which one I made?  It's a snowman. :)  In 3 days or so it should be dry and then we can paint them. :)

What can YOU make with newspaper clay?


Gampa and Gamma said...

This looked like a good activity. The boys did a good job. Tell them that Grandpa is proud of them!!
See you all in 2 days!
Love you!
Dad Wright

Carrie said...

Do you homeschool? We do pre-preschool activities, and I love working with my little guy on them! :)

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