Saturday, August 28, 2010

Randomness v17

Bear- Grandma can you tell us a story.
Grandma- Once upon a time there was a.....
Bear- I can’t hear you, Speak it up Grandma!

I open the door to wake up Monkey- He looks at me and says, is it church day, because you look nice.  I say, no, these are just regular clothes.  Oh well, I want to look nice like you do.  So I figured he’d put on shorts and a nice polo or something.  No, he comes out of the room with khaki pants, a long sleeve button up shirt with a tie on! LOL

Monkey-Mommy there’s lots of dirt when we play in the dirt.

Bear- I’m going to bring this picture to heaven and show God.

Me- Golden Grahams is my favorite kind of cereal.  It was my favorite kind as a kid too, but Grandma would never buy it for me.
Monkey- how did you know it was your favorite kind if grandma never bought it for you?

Bear- Daddy, Repeat was in a boat, who fell out?
TJ- Larry
Bear- Larry and Repeat were in a boat who fell out?
TJ- Both of them
Bear- No.  Repeat.


Me-Do you guys want to share this?
Monkey- yes, because that’s what God says,  “Share with one another”

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