Monday, August 9, 2010

CPR Class

CPR class

TJ Is not an actor by any means......he is a comedian/ice breaker/make you laugh kind of guy.  But. he can not be serious.  You can not be in a serious place with him.  It’s semi-embarrassing.

Tonight we were at a CPR class for our foster care training.  We had to practice techniques on each other and on test dummies.
First when we were practicing on each other how to check signs, you’re supposed to ask the victim questions to see how seriously they are hurt.  TJ plays a very terrible victim in this senario....and worse off he plays a bad CPR/first aid responder.  He was the victim first and I was trying to look around and see if he was ok, and then asking him questions to see if he could move, or needed help....he’s just laughing at me, and not taking it seriously at all.  Then worse off when he’s the one supposed to be asking the questions, he’s laughing at me again, and laughing as he asks the questions. 

Next, we are practicing doing the heimlich on a baby doll, and everyone is lifting the baby and you have to tap on the back, and then turn them over and push on the chest and we are going back and forth and people are bumping the doll head on the table.  He chuckled at that.

Then worst off, which almost made me laugh out loud during the practicing....we are all on the floor, practicing CPR on these test dummies, and we have these protective plastic mouth guards.  During one of the breathing times when TJ was breathing air into the doll he make a squeeky noise on the plastic protector and chuckled.  That did not help.  I almost started laughing and would have had to stop practicing but we were supposed to keep going for 2 minutes. 

Oh boy!  

What a bad example he is!

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Gampa and Gamma said...

I can so see him doing all these things. They are kinda funny but I know you were trying to be serious because of where you were and what you were doing. I'm glad you got thru it anyway.
Love you all,
Dad W.

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