Friday, August 27, 2010

Reuse your Homeschool books

Being the frugal person that I am.  I do not want to have to buy the same book twice.  So I’m making as many books as I can, last for Monkey and Bear and whoever else comes along.  :)

Last year, I ripped the pages out and put them all in a sheet protector and used a dry erase marker on them.  This works awesome because then you can wipe it off, the sheet is still clean and new looking and ready to be used again, whenever!

This year however, our books are bigger and I thought, I do not want to have to put 300 sheet protectors in one binder.  That’s too big.  So I came up with a different plan.  I put the whole book in the binder after carefully ripping the pages out.  They were perferated first so that helped.  *Side note, if you have a book that is not already perferated you can take it to OfficeMax or a store like that and have them cut the binding off.  They have a big machine to that so you don’t have to cut each page by hand.

Anyway, after I put the pages in the book, I only put 6 sheet protectors in the binder.  This week we are lesson 9 so I have the 6 sheets for lesson nine in the sheet protectors.

Once we are done with this week’s work, I will put those in front, and pull the next 6 sheets out and put them in the sheet protectors.  That way it fits in a smaller binder, I don’t have to buy so many more sheet protectors, and I can use this book, over and over again!

Sometimes my frugal mind pays off...sometimes not. :)


Sanford Family said...

Another trick that I learned AFTER I put all the phonics workbooks (3 years worth) in sheet protectors... is to take a blanket/quilt/comforter bag and cut rectangles of it to use over the individual pages. Math is one of the subjects though that I like them to put pencil to paper and save some of them. I find some of the smaller work with dry erasers can be hard for my boys. What do you think??


TJ and Stephanie Wright said...

Hey, that is a good idea.

I was thinking about that, but I can photocopy some of those pages to have them write with pencil. Yes, I want to find an extra fine point dry erase marker....they've got to have one don't they?

Sanford Family said...

Once Bailey got past the Primer (or Alpha?) there are Math Tests so I only save the tests, not all the workbook pages for them anyways. I think half of it is my one son likes to wreck the dry erase markers by making polka dots and hammering the polka dots onto the white board. Gotta love boys!


Carrie said...

What an awesome idea! We aren't to the buying books stage yet, but I've been doing the same thing with our tracing sheets so we can save them and use again!

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