Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Eyed Egyptian Sandwiches.

Have you ever had a one eyed Egyptian sandwich?  

We used to make, eat, have these when we were kids.  

For some reason we thought it was cool.  
Looking back, not really sure why I thought that.  

I made one for TJ the last time we had french toast. 

I wasn’t sure if he’s ever had them before.  He really liked it.
It’s super easy.  

Take a piece of bread, and rip a little hole in the middle.

Put the bread on a pan, and crack the egg and drop it in that hole in the bread.  

Cook on both sides.  Eat!
If you’ve got bread and atleast 1 egg, you are set. :)

1 comment:

Christine Poole said...

We call them "Egg in a Frame" :)

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