Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck!

Remember watching "older" Full House?  They had an ice cream truck that drove around town, and all the kids would run after it.

As of last year, Owatonna has an ice cream truck. 

Or should I say.....Ice cream bus.  

This is an upgrade.  Last year was the first time we saw this going around town.  But last year it was a minivan that had been transformed and spray painted.  This year, as you can see, it is an old bus, painted and transformed into an ice cream mobile.

It even plays music so you can hear it going all around town. 

Classically the Neighbor kid heard the music for it and instantly yelled.....ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!!

Funny, and yet Awesome at the same time.


photozmom said...

The first time I saw one was when we lived in Calif. 37 yrs. ago.... About 12 yrs ago we took Sarah when we went back and it was SO neat that there was one every day where we were staying... So a couple of times we just HAD to go get some ice cream!! So glad that your boys will have that experience !!!! Thanks for bringing back the memories!!!

Beth said...

We have one in Washington this summer! It was fun to see. They have some cool ice cream choices. YUM.

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