Friday, July 30, 2010

Randomness v15

Monkey was swinging....Pumping on his own.  "Look Mom, I’m getting higher.  I’m getting so high!  I hope I don’t hit the moon!"
Elijah(my nephew)-" The most funniest thing ever.....A man in tights."

Bear- We’re underground mommy.
Me- Why?
Bear- Because, we’re at grandma’s house.
Me- Grandma’s house is underground?
Bear- Yes
Me- Why?
Bear- because we can't see our home.

Bear- Josie, do you want to play this game?
Josie- BINGO?
Bear- Bingo the gringo, that’s what I used to call it when I was a baby.

Me-I’m going to have some Coca-Cola Classic
Bear- mmmm.......Coca Cola Plastic.

Monkey- You know how I get my boogers out?  I stick my finger in my eye.

(Monkey says things like this all the time....we have no real idea what he is talking about because he is very bad a wouldn't have sounded so weird if he described more and said, that's how he got his eye-boogers out...but he didn't so it was pretty funny.)

Bear- A bug, Oh it flew away.  I was going to slap it until it died.

Me- Bear do you just want to take a nap in your underwear?
Bear- No, that wouldn’t be appropriate

I think my tongue is shriveling up because this popcorn is so salty.  -Jamie (my sister)
I have to keep myself entertained so I don’t pee my pants. -TJ 

(we were waiting for the fireworks and TJ didn't want to miss the end....but he had to go to the bathroom pretty bad.

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