Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seriously?!? v2

Remember this?

There are so many little times when I tell my kids to do something and they either do nothing, or the exact opposite.  And these moments are when you look at them and say, Seriously?!  Then there are times when you are at the store and you see something or someone, and all you can really think is.....Seriously?! :)

Today they are just funny instances.....

We are playing outside in the sprinkler and we told Monkey to try and dry off so we could put sun screen on him.  We were sitting in the shade and he says....”Where’s the sun?” ----Seriously?!?!

My sister told her daughter to go clean up a few things in the garage.  She responded, “what garage?”  ----Seriously?!?!

Bear got his finger pricked a couple weeks ago.  When we went to get in the van, I opened the door for him and he just stood there and looked at me.
Me- Get in, Bear.
Bear- Can you help me get in the car?
Me- Why do you need help?
Bear- Because I have an owie on my finger.
Me- An owie on your finger makes your feet not work?!?
Bear- No.
Me- Then I think you can get in by yourself. :)
Seriously?!?  Hahahaha

We were in the pool and I asked Monkey to not kick so hard when he goes under so he's not splashing everyone.  Ok Mom.  Then he dives under again, and kicks his feet above water splashing everyone.

Me- Bear, I want you to go up stairs, put your dry clothes on, and then come back down here with your swim trunks so I can hang them on the line to dry.  Ok?
Bear- OK
Me- So, what are you going to do?
Bear- Obey my parents.

This is a totally classic Bear move.  He wants to "please" you with his words, so he will say Ok Mom, or Yes, Mom.  But then continue to stand there, or go and do something else.  Because he's not really listening.  That's why we usually like to have them repeat back to us what we asked them to do. :)

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