Monday, July 26, 2010

Kitchen Tips v3


Do you like bacon?

I like bacon.

But I don’t like the smell of bacon lingering in the house for the rest of the day or so.  And I don’t like having the bacon grease fly up out of the pan and burning my arms, or ruining my shirts.

So here’s my bacon cooking kitchen tip.

Again, maybe you know, maybe you have a different way to do this..I’m just sharing in case someone else wants to try, or has never done this before.

So, I take my bacon which is thawed, and put 3-4 pieces on a paper towel.  Then I put it on a plate and cook it in the microwave, with another paper towel on top so it doesn’t splatter all over.  I usually cook it between 3-4 minutes. 

I like to do it this way because like I said, it doesn’t leave the lingering smell, doesn’t splatter all over, cooks much faster, and leaves the bacon nice and flat!
There’s my kitchen tip for the day!

Enjoy your bacon.


Randi said...

I cook my bacon the same way! Leaves the microwave smelling like bacon for a little while, but I'd much rather deal with that that splattering grease!

Gampa and Gamma said...

We have a dish that is designed for cooking bacon in the microwave. It is angled and has a "dish" like area at the end where all of the grease can collect. It works really good.
Thanks for sharing.
Dad Wright

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