Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family Camp Extras

Bear learned out to use floaties for the first time at Family Camp this year.  At first he was terrified because he's never swam where he can't touch, or without holding on to me for dear life.  But once I got him to not freak out, and to just move his arms and legs slowly he loved it.  
At first I had to keep reminding him the difference between flailing your arms and freaking out, and slow/relaxing movements, which would be the better way to swim without having to drink so much pool water.  Once he stopped freaking out he thought it was sooo cool.  

Then he was telling everyone......This is relaxing.  It doesn't work when you freak out about it.

 The boys love swimming.  I think they are part fish. :)
Grandma took Monkey out on a Paddle boat.  His first time on one!  
He thought it was cool.  He had a hard time reaching but he tried to help peddle a little.

 We got to spend some time with some friends of ours from Iowa while at Family Camp this year.  After Monkey and I did the zip line on Monday we all sat down by the zip line and watched other people fly down it while we chatted and caught up.

Both of the grandmas were at Family Camp  and they wanted to take the boys on the hay ride.
So, of course, we let them!  TJ and I kinda looked at each other and thought, now what do we do?! :)
So we made some smore's for ourselves, and then went for a walk.

Speaking of Smores.....Here's the boys enjoying their smores! :)

Another funny story from Family Camp.  The climbing wall is along the lake shore, and there are benches built up along the climbing wall edge.  This bench is built up and overhanging the shore line.   It can be kinda freaky because there is a big gap between the back where you lean against, and there are just rocks and some slanted ground going down into the lake.  Well, we are sitting there supposed to be listening to the rules of the climbing wall.  And TJ turns to me and says, do you want to take some pictures of the lake from up here?!  I had my climbing wall stuff on and was trying to listen, TJ was holding the camera and also holding the video camera.  So since I was trying to listen, I thought if you want to take pictures go ahead, so I went to take the lens cover off for him so he could take pictures while I listened to the rest of the rules.  Well.....he was moving the camera while I was reaching to take the lens cover off, so meanwhile....the lens cover comes off, the camera bumps my hand at the same time and the lens cover falls down that crack of the overhanging bench, into the rocks that slants down to the lake.   Are you kidding me?!

Begrudgingly, TJ climbed down there, almost fell in the lake, looked around, had a huge rock roll down past him, then another rock fall, and smash against his leg.  

But....It was NOT in vain!  He found the lens cover!

What a guy huh?! :)  

My Hero


Gampa and Gamma said...

Way to go, TJ!!!

Kenny Rogers said...

TJ is such an amazing guy, lind of like my horse Keith.
Keith takes pictures too. I made him a special camera that attaches to his head. I attached a cord to his eyelid so when he blinks the camera takes a picture. But he is always losing lens caps cause he doesn't have thumbs so it is very difficult for him to get them on properly.

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