Monday, July 12, 2010

Randomness v14

1. I don’t think much of my kids falling because it’s pretty much a given. They are going to fall, or drop something, or hurt themselves somehow.  Monkey is the worst of the two. The other day we were on a walk with my sister.  Monkey was on his scooter. He usually falls down, but then gets back up and keeps going. This time was no exception. But my sister was kinda concerned so to ease her mind, I said “Monkey are you ok?” To which he replied “Super-Duper Mom!” while he was riding his scooter and not even looking back at me. Just what I figured. If he was hurt, he would have stopped riding, or jumped up and down, or had a weird look on his face. This is his body language for, “ouch”.

2. We were in Cabela's looking at the animals the other day. We came up to the Polar Bears, and TJ said Bear, what kind of bear is that? He said, “A Coca-Cola Bear”. haha
This would be why.....

3. Bear was coming in to second place the other day with the klutziness idea. First he bent down to look at the movies in the movie basket, but somehow didn’t see the big entertainment center. :) and Smacked his head right on it! He didn’t get hurt that bad but it sure was funny! :) Then he went to put the stool back in the bathroom, and for some reason tried to lean on the shower curtain as if it were a wall. Well you can only guess what happened! The shower curtain is not a wall, and his hand went right through and then knocked over the shampoo and conditioner, and he falls over hitting his arm and head on the tub. I’m so horrible because I just started laughing at him, (knowing he was fine) just shook up a bit! So hilarious! I said, did you forget that there’s nothing back there? It doesn’t work to lean on the shower curtain does it?! hahaha.

4. I was singing....I’m so glad, Jesus rescued me..I’m so glad Jesus rescued me..I’m so glad, Jesus rescued me, singing glory hallelujah Jesus rescued me.
Monkey’s verson.. I’m so glad, Jesus rescued me..I’m so glad Jesus rescued me..I’m so glad, Jesus rescued me, Hi-ho the Cherry-O Jesus rescued me.
wha-hahahahahaha :) (that’s me laughing)

5. When we were at Family Camp last week, TJ took the boys on a boat ride. So he said they were sitting there, and there were a bunch of other people that they didn't know from camp on the boat with them. Then Bear YELLS out......HEY, I KNOW YOU!!! And points. TJ thought he was pointing at the girl, and thought she was one of his children's church class teachers or something, so first hesitated, but then decided to see where this headed. Thinking it would be no big deal. However, he then continued yelling, "YOU'RE BILL GAITHER!" Bear was pretty adamant that this guy looked like him. Until everyone started laughing. Then he wasn't so sure. Afterwards I asked him if Bill Gaither was on the boat. He just laughed at me and said, "I said that!"
Too Funny!


Gampa and Gamma said...
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Gampa and Gamma said...

These were funny Stephanie. Thanks for posting them. The one that Shane said on the boat was a riot. I Love those boys!!
Dad Wright

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