Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minute To Win It

Every Wednesday night at Family Camp they have some kind of game show thing. This year it was "Minute To Win it". It's really not like the show so to speak. I mean you could maybe find a couple similarities. But really it's just people doing some really funny things in 1 minute and seeing who does the best, gets the most, is the fastest, whatever by the time the minute is over.

The first things was 4 people were given a stack of cups, and the bottom cup was red. They had to move the cups one at a time from the bottom to the top of the cup stack and whoever got back down to the red one first was the winner.

The next event was a husband wife event and TJ and I got picked to go up and participate. One person had to put a bucket on their head, and the other person had to bounce some ping pong balls off the floor and into the bucket on the other persons head. I had the bucket. I could move to try and help the ball get into the bucket. The hard part was knowing where it was going to land. I couldn't see up there. And I guess a bunch of them would go in, but then bounce out too. We lost by 1!!! Bummer!

Then we had to pose for a picture of course! :) heehee

After each event they would dim the lights and these people in the corner would be talking like sports announcers. They had some pretty funny comments. They were hilarious. Not sure how they come up with some of this stuff.

My brother-in-law was playing this game. They had to bring 8 shoes up with them, and then they had 1 minute to try and kick as many shoes as they could on to the table that was about 6 feet from them. Our side won with the most, and that was only 3 shoes. Apparently it's much harder than it looks. :)

Here each team had a target, and 6 kids shooting finger rockets at the people targets. There was another lady standing to the side writing a check mark on a sheet of paper for each time a rocket hit the person. This was pretty suspenseful because we couldn't know what the numbers were at. Apparently the other team had better aim because they had 54 hits and we only had 30 or something like that.

Here they each had a box of kleenex and they had to pull them out 1 kleenex at a time. Whoever got to the bottom of the box first wins. We won this one. We were the sister was on the South. Sad for her, because the NORTH won!!! :)

It was a fun night.

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Carrie said...

Ooh, how cute!!! :) Glad you had fun! Love seeing pictures of Aaron & Anna & all they do up at camp - I loved seeing all your camp pictures! :) We are doing Minute To Win It for our family camp banquet this year, too! Brothers must think alike, I guess...just kidding, they share ideas a lot. :) Also, your boys are adorable - I love hearing all the cute things they say! :)

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