Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art idea

Today we walked around the "Art Festival" downtown.  We were only there a few minutes.  But long enough to see things and get some mini donuts.  YUMMY!

While we were there, I was reminded of an "art project" that I did while we were on Vacation in June.

I saw this sign that had a word and the letters were pictures of things.

Most of the time I look at things like this and say...I could do that.  So then I do.

Here's the one I put together from our vacation.

Someone had an art stand where they had 2-4 pictures of letters and you would pick which one you wanted and then they would put them together in a frame spelling what you want.  Like above.  And the trick is it can't actually be a letter, you just have to use your imagination and see the letter in the design.


I just don't think about selling this kind of stuff, but I'm going to seriously going to consider doing this for someone or for sale or something.

Want me to make one for you?  Tell me the word/name you want and I will find the letters I need and put it together for you.  This would make a great birthday/wedding/anniversary/christmas gift.

Contact me to create one for yourself!

1 comment:

Christine Poole said...

I did this with our last name with pictures from our trip to Portugal last summer. It turned out nicely. It was hard to find a five slot frame though. I think next time I might create the letters all together as one document.

This could be a good family Christmas idea too!

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