Saturday, July 10, 2010

Climbing Wall

Monkey getting hooked up for the climbing for the first time ever! You have to be six so this year he was pumped to get to do this and the zip line!

I didn't get to see Monkey in action because I was climbing at the same time as him, and on the other side of the wall. He was on wall 1 and I was on wall 5. But I saw a little snip-it of the video TJ took. He made it to the top. I knew he would. He's my little monkey. :)

I was peer pressured into doing wall 5. The last 2 years I did wall 3 and 4 and climbed right up without any troubles.

This wall was a little bit harder than the previous years. Which makes sense because the hard/skill level increases with the wall number. 6 is the hardest one there. I did not think I would be able to get past this jut out box. I just don't quite have the arm strength for such things.

However, I made it!!!! I was very pleased to have made it over and above the box! :)

It was a very painful thing though. My body still hurts. Normally it only effects the arms, but this time with having to use other muscles because of the jut out, my back and shoulders and under the arm muscles are all sore too.

Plus the grips are smaller and further spaced apart. Reaching and missing a few times ripped a chunk of skin of my pinky finger. Small war wounds. I think I'm ok with what I've accomplished on the climbing wall and not going to do it next year.

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