Saturday, July 10, 2010


The Thursday of Family Camp there is always a Festival/Carnival. This year was perfect weather for it!

They have a bob for apples section.  Monkey did it twice. I think the second time he put he whole head in the bucket.

They have lots of races. This one was a 3 legged race. They do all different age groups, brothers, siblings, and husband/wife pairs. TJ and Adam raced in this picture. They did a good job staying together and not falling. But they were not the fastest ones. Bummer.

They have a basketball game where they have markings on the ground and you have to make a shot on each one in order. You get 2 tries at each line, if you make them all you get a free shirt from the gift shop. Nice shot JOY!

They have a jousting match. Jamie, and I did this with 2 other girls/ladies. They were out right away, and then it was down to Jamie and I. She eventually pushed me right off.

They have a covered wagon that they pull behind a tractor. The boys like that ride.

They have a little "Train" made of barrels connected together pulled behind a lawn mower. All the little kids love this ride. They have benches for them to wait. They have fake deer and a couple other birds or something out in the yard that they drive around and see while they are on their train ride.

Other games activities include, the dunk tank, balloon animals, or swords/hats etc, ring toss...this year it was magnified....throw the hoola-hoop and make it around a barrel, redneck horseshoes....throw a toilet seat at a pole, people pull....they put harnesses around 2 people and then you are connected with a rope and you pull each going the other way, trying to get your flag in the bucket first, face painting, a water balloon launch, a huge slip and slide and a few other games that would be hard to describe without a picture. But I didn't want to have a million pictures per post.

Plus while we are out and having fun they grill hamburgers and we get to have a picnic outside for supper.

Fun for everyone!


Gampa and Gamma said...

Good memories! I could only make it half way round shooting baskets. I think the middle line was too far away from the basket. Oh, well, it was fun trying.

Gampa and Gamma said...

Mom is an "old" basketball player. She played back when the girls played 6 on 6. I think it was in the 1800's. HEE!! HEE! She did a good job shooting baskets. She just couldn't seem to get past the middle one.
Dad Wright

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