Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Small' Town

I am so glad I live in a small town.

And by small I mean, not that big of a town.

Owatonna, is not really a small town by my standards really because I grew up in a FOR REAL small town.  Only 300 people.  But after living in Des Moines and now in Owatonna, comparatively Owatonna is a small town. :)

Today we were on our way back from visiting family in Little Falls.  On the way home you have to go through the Twin Cities.  Unfortunately I was coming through at around 5pm....super bad time to be driving through the Twin Cities!  Their rush "Hour" is from 3-6 or maybe even longer.  Anyway.....side track.....  Here I was anxious to get home, with lots to do right when I got home, and stuck in traffic.  If that is not bad enough....The kids start piping in....
"Why aren't we moving?"
"Are you going the speed limit?"
" Why did you do that?"
"Can't you just get over?"



Do I really have to answer all these questions from a 3 and 6 year old, who have zero driving experience?

Not that it's really that bad for them to be curious about what's going on, but I had so many other things on my mind that I was previously frustrated about that these questions were not coming at a very good time.    All is well, just take a deep breath. :)

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